Match Officials Wanted!

Looking for a part-time job? Become a Match Official for Rockwood FC this summer!

If you are 12 by March 31, you can take the Small Sided Match Official Course-which will allow you to officiate u8-10 games! If you are 14 by March 31, you can take the Entry Level Course which will allow you to officiate U13 and up! Adults welcome too! For more information, please contact

Rockwood FC bases referee remuneration on District guidelines. They are currently paid as:

U8 Referee: $10/game (no assistants)
U10 Referee: $25 (no assistants)
U12 Referee $30 / Assistant Referee $20
U14 Referee $40 / Assistant Referee $25
U16 Referee $45 / Assistant Referee $30
U18 Referee $50 / Assistant Referee $30
U21 Referee $55 / Assistant Referee $30

These amounts are subject to change at any time.

In addition to this, Rockwood FC provides the following course rebates and Honorariums:

Local Small Sided Match Officials: provided they are exhibiting good faith and have done their best to make themselves available, the course or registration fee is refunded at the end of the season.  In addition, Mini-referees who work 5 games or more qualify for an honourarium of $25 at season end.

Local Entry Level Match Officials: qualify for a full rebate on their course and/or registration fees if they work 10 games or more.  In addition, should they work 15 games or more, they will also qualify for an Honorarium of $100.

Others(Entry Level Match Officials): those who come from out-of-town to work games for Rockwood FC qualify for an Honorarium of $100 should they work 15 games or more.