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Rockwood FC Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you don’t find answers to your question please use the form below.

When will I get the schedule for games and practises? 2017-04-11T21:19:40+00:00

Schedules will be posted around the second week of May.  U10-18 will start after the long weekend.  U4-8 will start the first week of June

When will I be contacted by my player’s coach? 2017-04-11T21:17:45+00:00

U10-18 players will be contacted by May 1, providing there are coaches in place.  U4-8 players will be contacted by the second week in May.

What if I lose my tax receipt? 2017-03-08T10:03:08+00:00

You can access all your RFC tax receipts through your membership at any time. Simply log in to your account using your email and password. If you have problems accessing your account, email registrar@rockwoodfc.com

When are rep and elite fees due? 2017-03-08T10:00:03+00:00

Rep and Elite fees are due when you are offered a place on a team. You can either pay all at once, or in two payments, with first payment due when offered a place on a team. Second payment is due by January 31.

What methods of payment are accepted? 2017-03-08T09:57:39+00:00

You may pay on line with credit card or interac. To pay by cash or cheque contact registrar@rockwoodfc.com or attend one of the in person registration days. In person registration days are held in November, January and end of March. Dates will be posted on home page.

When are house league fees due? 2017-03-08T09:55:11+00:00

House League fees are due upon registration. Registration and payment on line is preferred but you can make arrangements through registrar@rockwoodfc.com to pay by cash or cheque.

How do I receive a tax receipt? 2017-03-06T20:25:41+00:00

Your tax receipts can be found in your Member account. You can view and print off at any time.  It is stored there as long as you are a member.

How long is the house league soccer season? 2017-03-06T20:22:46+00:00

House League runs from end of May to the beginning of September, depending on the age group. Specific season length can be found on the program page.

Why do some house league teams travel? 2017-03-06T20:19:09+00:00

U10-18 house league teams travel because RFC does not have enough internal players for an effective league.

What day do the U8’s Play 2017-03-06T12:23:30+00:00

U8’s Play on Saturday Mornings.

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